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Top Tips for Effective Push Notifications

Posted by Patricia Gorecki | 10/16/2013 | Category: Mobile Marketing

Push NotificationsYou have spent time designing and developing a mobile app for your restaurant. You have brainstormed creative marketing campaigns around your app. Now what?

Engagement with your mobile app users is key to the continued success of your app. Push notifications are a great way to boost engagement. A study conducted by mobile technology company Urban Airship, proved that while the percentage of users opening an app over time predictably dropped across all apps, 31 percent of users remained active if notifications were in place, compared with just 14 percent for apps without notifications.

There is a fine line between informative engagement and being too pushy. Campaigns that provide little value to the customer can often lead to opt-outs and app uninstalls. Your users want notifications that are useful so make sure that your notifications provide information that people want to receive.

Ready to start encouraging customer engagement? We have put together a list of helpful tips to keep in mind as you develop your push notifications.

    1. Focus on quality content. It is important that you value your customer’s time. If your message is not worthy of an interruption in their day, do not send it. Send notifications that benefit your customer. For example, Walgreen's notifications remind app users when prescriptions are eligible for refills while Twitter’s app notifies users when they are mentioned in a tweet.

    2. Connect your conversations. Whenever possible, link your notifications to your social networks. Driving users to your pages allows them to learn more about your company and contribute to your ongoing conversations.

    3. Allow users to customize their experience. Let your users fill out their preferences to tailor notifications to their interests. Do they only want to hear about sales and promotions or are they interested in upcoming events. Do they want notifications once a week, only during the early evening hours? Be mindful of these end-user preferences when sending out notifications and your customers will look forward to receiving applicable content.

    4. Make notifications sharable. Let your app users share their notifications with friends and family, even if they have not downloaded your app. The sharing capability will promote viral spread and increase the outreach of your message.

    5. Avoid notification burn-out. Even if you have the most valuable, interesting content in the world, sending notifications six times a day is going to turn off your customers. You do not want your messages to become expected and lose their effect. Focus on timely and important notifications to avoid over-messaging.

And finally, remember that practice makes perfect. Make sure you track your campaigns and use analytics to determine what approach does or does not work for you. It may take you a few tries to find the perfect recipe for your notifications.

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