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Seven Tweets to Market your Restaurant’s Mobile App on Twitter

Posted by Kate Seiferth | 6/25/2014 | Social Media

So you have a MojoBistro mobile app, and you have a Twitter account, what do you do next to promote your restaurant? Well, make sure you promote your app via social media. It’s really easy, but we know it’s hard to find the time.

Whether you have a dedicated social media team member or not, here are some tasty tweets to schedule on a periodic basis to keep your fans engaged with your restaurant via your mobile app.

Seven Tweets to Market your Restaurant's Mobile App on Twitter

  1. Check out our special Happy Hour event this week! Get our mobile app to stay up to date with our daily specials.
  2. Have your date night reservation all set? Get our mobile app for VIP access to reservations.
  3. Want to know the daily specials before you dine? Our mobile app has all our new menu details.
  4. Did you know we offer in-app ordering? Download our app today for the convenience of ordering from anywhere!
  5. Keep up to date on chef specials with our mobile app. Keep the app on your phone for special reward notifications!
  6. Did you know we offer specials deals via social media throughout the week? Get our mobile app to stay connected.
  7. On vacation and looking for our closest location? Our mobile app will steer you in the right direction. Download it today!

Don't forget to include a link to download your mobile app in your tweet. And for social media measuring benefits, use bitly to make a custom link to your app download so you can track how many people click through your tweet to get your restaurant's mobile app.

Are you looking for more help with promoting your app via social media? Contact us today!

Back to Basics: Social Media Fundamentals

Posted by MojoBistro News | 11/11/2013 | Social Media

Social MediaSocial media has proven itself to be a key component in any successful business marketing plan. But with so many social network options available, getting started on social media can be a daunting task. Celebrity chefs John Besh, Chris Cosentino and Andrew Zimmern shared their social media tips at the 24th Annual American Express Restaurant Trade Program.

Top tips on how to navigate popular social media sites from Facebook to Twitter included sharing a behind-the-scenes look at your restaurant, showcasing valuable and unique cooking techniques and scheduling messages to reach fans across time zones.

Want to learn more about using Social Media to market your restaurant? Find more social media tips with a visit to our Social Media Maitre D' Blog Series!

Tumblr tips for your restaurant

Posted by MojoBistro News | 10/7/2013 | Social Media

Tumblr LogoYou've heard of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. But have you heard of Tumblr? For those who are new to the world of social media sites, Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website which allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog.

As of October 2013, Tumblr hosts nearly 140 million blogs publishing more than 62 billion posts. On average, over 86 million posts are created daily with more than 13 billion global page views.

So how can you use this outlet to market your restaurant? Check out these great tips from Anna Tauzin, the National Restaurant Association's manager of digital innovation and social strategy development.

Want to learn more about using Social Media to market your restaurant? Find more social media tips with a visit to our Social Media Maitre D' Blog Series!

Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Restaurant

Posted by Patricia Gorecki | 10/2/2013 | Social Media

Social Media PromotionsAccording to Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics, social media visits are the #1 activity online. Every day, Facebook has nearly 700 million active users, more than 45 million photos are uploaded to Instagram and nearly 200,000 people sign up for LinkedIn. With such a large percentage of the population active on social media, it is quickly becoming a key market in promoting your business and brand.

All restaurant owners know, the key to lasting success is to drive traffic through your doors. As such, we have put together some great tips on how to use social media to drive customers to your restaurant.

  1. Go Mobile
    A large percentage of social media users are “mobile only.” Make sure you are reaching this portion of the population with your message. Check-In deals through Facebook and Foursquare are a great way to take advantage of customers being on the go.

  2. Reach out to New Customers
    Reward your first-time customers to encourage them to keep coming back! Craft deals for new customers focused on introducing them to your restaurant. Try offering discounts on your signature dishes or even offer free samplings of your menu favorites.

  3. Don’t Ignore your Loyal Customers
    You might be tempted to focus your efforts on acquiring new customers, but don’t forget about your regulars. Tailor deals towards your loyal customers, rewarding them for reaching a certain number of check-ins over time or achieving the “Mayor” status on Foursquare.

  4. Add Some Variety
    Don’t just pick one offer and stick with it. Change the rewards and requirements time to time to ensure that you are reaching all your customers. Mix it up with limited time offers and special holiday promotions. Keep it interesting to keep your customers engaged.

  5. Plan Your Reward
    Whatever you choose to offer to your customers, make sure it is something that they would want. Don’t go overboard with a deal that will cost your business money in the long run and don’t offer a reward so small that no one will want to come in to claim it. Balance is key. Take a look at what you are currently doing, revisit successful past campaigns and put together a plan that works out best for you and your customers.
  6. Mobile Check-In


Want to learn more about using Social Media to market your restaurant? Find more social media tips with a visit to our Social Media Maitre D' Blog Series!

The Founder of #Foodiechats Chats with MojoBistro

Posted by Kate Seiferth | 9/16/2013 | Social Media

The Internet is a wonderful and tasty place for food lovers to unite. Foodies everywhere are documenting their craft brews and unique dining experiences via social media. One clever guy, Steve Green, is making the Internet an even more delicious place for foodies with his Monday night chat on Twitter, #Foodiechats.

Foodies from all over the world come together on the Monday night chats to discuss all things gourmet and all things simple, as long as it involves food. This is a great opportunity for restaurants to increase their social media engagement by jumping in on the chat with their customers. It is the perfect way to interact with a ready-made demographic of food lovers. So why should you join the #Foodiechats community? We talked to the main man himself to bring you the answer.

What was your inspiration to start #Foodiechats on Twitter?

My inspiration to start #Foodiechats was to create a worldwide social foodie community where foodies, restaurants, and brands can share who they are and what they are up to. I have been a community builder my entire life and what better way to bring people together than over a live and virtual meal.

Why should a restaurant participate in #Foodiechats and how do they get started?

A restaurant can participate in #Foodiechats in two ways. They can host a live (in their restaurant) and online #Foodiechats or they can just participate on Twitter. Restaurants can participate on our weekly Monday night #Foodiechats or they can tag their foodie pics with our hashtag #Foodiechats any day of the week. This is a great chance for restaurants to network with social foodies.

What is your favorite food related mobile app?

My favorite food related mobile app is Instagram. This is the best platform to showcase what you are eating and comment on what others are eating.

Social media and technology have really created a great community for foodies to bond. What is your fondest memory of #Foodiechats yet?

I have so many fond memories of #Foodiechats, and the very first night was amazing. We trended nationally on Twitter and the very first chat lasted for 5 hours.

Recently, I went to Seattle with Negra Modelo and Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless, which was awesome! Earlier in the year, I went to New York City to kick off restaurant week with Norwegian Cruise Line and Celebrity Chef Geoffrey Zakarian.

#Foodiechats was created on May 9, 2011, and foodies worldwide have participated every Monday. Participants use the hashtag #Foodiechats for Monday chat time as well as every day for their foodie pics and tips! I just hired several people and look forward to adding many new channels and features to #Foodiechats!

Thanks to Steve Green, founder of #Foodiechats, for taking the time to connect with us on the MojoBistro and KeyLimeTie blogs. We look forward to chatting with you all during #Foodiechats on Twitter!

The Scoop on Instagram Food Photos

Posted by Patricia Gorecki | 8/9/2013 | Social Media

Instagram LogoCustomers snapping artful pictures of their meal has become a common sight in restaurants and cafe’s across the country. Instagram food photos are a widespread phenomenon no longer limited to fancy, upscale restaurants. Nowadays, people are taking enormous amounts of photos in everything from mom-and-pop diners to chain restaurants such as PF Chang’s and the Cheesecake Factory. In fact, a study conducted by MomentFeed at the end of 2012 reported 4,899 Instagram user posted photos with a Cheesecake Factory location over an 18-day period.

While restaurants have often found the over-abundance of “snap-happy” smartphone users to be an annoyance, many are now embracing them and their role as “brand ambassadors.” Not only do the posts help to bring followers to the restaurant’s own instagram feed, they also increase a restuarants reach to a larger market. A single user with a large Instagram following has the potential to share an image of your enticing menu offerings with a network of anywhere from 500 to 20,000 users who might not otherwise be aware of your restaurant.

Realizing the immense potential in using social networks to boost business, many restaurants have begun courting Instagram users with off-menu freebies and special offers. Some restaurants have gone so far as to change the plating of their food to display better on Instagram.

Instagram food photos are not going away anytime soon so make sure your restaurant is taking full advantage of all the benefits. Here are three tips to get you started:

  1. Instagram Food PhotosMake sure to publicize your social media hashtag. Having it displayed at the table, on tent cards or on the menu, is a great way to promote your Instagram presence.

  2. Court Instagram users with freebies. Offer free non-menu items to Instagrammers who post a photo during their meal. If someone has their phone out, it’s the perfect opportunity to mention the special offer.

  3. Offer special perks to loyal and popular influencers. You want to maximize your outreach by targeting influences with larger numbers of followers - often 500 or 1,000. From free food to special perks like VIP seating, these offers are a great way to increase your Instagram presence.

Find more tips on using social media at your restaurant, visit our Social Media Maitre D' Blog Series!

How Can Instagram’s New Video Feature Help Your Restaurant?

Posted by Patricia Gorecki | 7/25/2013 | Social Media

Instagram VideoWhat is Instagram you ask? It’s the photo-based social network that connects with all your favorite social media sites. Users snap a photo with their mobile phone, choose a filter and share them with their friends. Today, Instragram has 90 million monthly active users, uploading 40 million photos per day, 8,500 likes per second and posting 1,000 comments per second.

Recently Instragram introduced its new video feature, allowing users to post videos up to 15 seconds in length. But how does Instragram’s video feature affect restaurant owners? Restaurant managers already know that posting photos of a restaurant's menu and interior are great ways to boost attendance and interest. The video feature of Instragram is a great way to show off your restaurant to a wider, connected audience in a more in-depth and action packed way.

Here’s some tips on how to use this great new feature to your advantage:

  1. Highlight your unique atmosphere. Take a video of a busy day or popular event. Make sure to focus on a fun, energetic moment in your restaurant.

  2. Showcase your menu. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many a video is worth! Create great videos featuring your most popular menu items or focus on showing off your chef’s skills.

  3. Feature your employees. Let your customers get to know who’s behind the scenes. It’s a great way to build a positive, friendly environment.

  4. Market your special events. Have a holiday party? Happy Hour? Get the word out with an Instragram video advertisement.

  5. You can also search keywords to view any photos or videos taken at your restaurant by your customers! You can also search keywords to view any photos or videos taken at your restaurant by your customers! It’s a great way to market your dining establishment.

For more details on the launch of video on Instagram, click here.

MojoBistro’s Social Media Maître D’: Leveraging LinkedIn to Promote your Restaurant

Posted by Kate Seiferth | 4/5/2013 | Social Media

LinkedIn to promote your restaurantSo far in the MojoBistro Social Media Maître D’ Blog Series, we have discussed how to use Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to promote your restaurant. These are all prominent, efficient, and free social media platforms that restaurants can use to elevate their brands online by engaging with customers. We have another not so obvious platform that you can use to build your online presence with social media. Have you added your restaurant’s profile to LinkedIn yet?

If you are not using LinkedIn, you are missing a prime opportunity to not only recruit talented individuals to work in your restaurant but a perfect way to showcase your catering products and event spaces to the business and corporate world.

Attract Talent with LinkedIn
Create a LinkedIn profile of your restaurant that showcases not only your current job openings but also your company culture. You can do this by adding a header photo that shows photos of your staff, food, and physical restaurant space. Or, you can also customize pages with videos about your restaurant and the staff. Highlighting what is unique about your organization with custom photos and videos is a great way to attract new talent to consider your restaurant for their next job. Highlight excellent employees and your history in the “Our Story” section and spread the news of your accomplishments with an “In the News” section.Leveraging LinkedIn to Promote your Restaurant

Promote Corporate Catering and Business Event Space with LinkedIn
LinkedIn offers services and products pages within your profile so that you can highlight your offerings. This is the perfect place to highlight catering options as well as event spaces. Companies are always looking for new places to cater food in for big meetings to wow new clients or for sales meetings. They may even be looking for the next place to hold a sales meeting or a company outing. Having your information handy on your LinkedIn profile could just score your restaurant a huge corporate order! The Southern and Lou Malnati’s restaurants in Chicago do a fabulous job of highlighting products and services on LinkedIn. You can even get recommendations for services on LinkedIn. Take a look at Skuddlebutts profile page for an example of a product with a recommendation.

Research your Competition on LinkedIn
There are several benefits to scoping out your competition on social media platforms and the same holds true for LinkedIn. First, you should check out what others are doing with their pages to see what options you have and want to implement on your page such as custom videos. Next, you should check out the “Insights” section of your competition’s profile page to see statistics like who is employed you may know, employed with titles, where people come from, and most recommended. It is in the last section, most recommended, that you could scope out your competitions talent by viewing the “most recommended” staff on your competitor’s page.

Whether you need to currently recruit new talent or not, you can still gain value from LinkedIn by simply updating your restaurant's profile page with your products and services. So get social with LinkedIn, and update your profile page today!

Find more social media tips visit our Social Media Maitre D' Blog Series!

MojoBistro’s Social Media Maître D’: Twelve Accounts Restaurants Should Follow on Twitter

Posted by Kate Seiferth | 3/29/2013 | Social Media

10 Tweets for Busy Restaurant OwnersWhether you are overwhelmed with Twitter and just don’t know where to start, or just want a few knowledgeable accounts from the food industry to follow, we have some recommendations on where to begin by following some stellar national and local established accounts.

Here are twelve Twitter accounts we think every restaurant with an account should follow and interact with:

  1. @NRNOnline: The Nation’s Restaurant News Twitter feed is a great place to find the latest industry news and trends. Need we say more? Definitely follow this news outlet to keep up to date with the restaurant industry.

  2. @NRAShow: Follow the tweets of the National Restaurant Association Show from Derrek J. Hull to keep up on the latest show information. With fantastic speakers like the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz and Anthony Bourdain at the 2013 show, you won’t want to miss out on this news!

  3. @NRAEF: Twitter is also a great place to look for professional development tips and attract new talent to your restaurant whether established or just starting out. Start by following the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation for insights on developing your workforce.Twelve Accounts Restaurants Should Follow on Twitter

  4. @MonkeyDish: If you are looking for inspiration to spice up your restaurant with fresh ideas, check out the Monkey Dish tweets by Restaurant Business magazine’s website,

  5. @ChefArtSmith: Everyone loves Chef Art Smith, especially on Twitter! He’s a former personal chef of Oprah, starred on “Top Chef Masters,” owns beloved restaurants, and even founded his own non-profit organization, Common Threads. If you want to cultivate an online personality, Smith is the perfect food dude to watch for inspiration.

  6. @FoodieChats: Every Monday night the Twitterverse goes gaga for food with the hashtag twitter chat started by @steveGOgreen. It’s a large foodie party that you won’t want to miss if you are part of the restaurant industry. Generate some online buzz for your restaurant by participating in this supreme foodie chat.

  7. @zagat: Their review system with user-generated content can make or break a restaurant’s reputation. Make sure you keep up to date with all things Zagat rated by following their stacked Twitter feed.

  8. @beardfoundation: Celebrate America’s culinary heritage by following the Beard Foundation on Twitter. This is a tasty feed to retweet for cuisine related intelligence to share with your hungry followers.

  9. @eater: This national blog covers restaurant and nightlife dispatches that is perfect for sharing with your followers. You probably already read this blog so why not keep up with them on Twitter?

  10. @HubSpot: Looking for some savvy online and general marketing tips to promote your restaurant? HubSpot is a knowledge mecca when it comes to marketing. They are constantly sharing tips on how to up your marketing game.

  11. @PaulBarron: A magical combination of digital and restaurant knowledge makes Paul Barron a prime follow on Twitter for restaurant owners. Like what he has to say? Read his book @chipotleeffect.

  12. @IlliniRestAssoc: MojoBistro is headquartered in the Chicago area so we love the Illinois Restaurant Association. Restaurants in Illinois should watch their feed for local news, and restaurants out of state should identify their local organizations working hard to promote the restaurant industry.

Did you find this information helpful? Leave a comment below! Get other great Social Media tips in our Social Media Maitre D' Blog Series!

MojoBistro’s Social Media Maître D’: Attract New Customers with Google+

Posted by Kate Seiferth | 3/15/2013 | Social Media

Attract New Customers with Google+Google+ allows restaurants a social media outlet to attract a new customer base. The key difference with Google+ versus Facebook’s new Graph Search is that people have already been Googling restaurants for ages. Restaurants should not wait any longer to join Google+ especially if you are a standalone. Larger franchises with the budget for full-time social media employees will be all over adding their locations. If you aren’t there, you might miss out of gaining a new audience for your restaurant. Attract New Customers with Google+

Restaurants should use Google+ to build a community of followers and segment them into circles to create different target audiences for your social media marketing plans. The ultimate goal of building a Google+ community for your restaurant is referrals. Your circles of friends will share your Google+ content with their circles and expand your target audiences. The bonus with Google+ is that user reviews are automatically indexed with Google so even non-Google+ users could potentially view the reviews in a Google search.

How do you build a community on Google+? Content! Create pithy updates and link back to your website menu and other good information. Have a blog? Share that information and increase your website traffic. Ask your followers for feedback on your page. Encourage suggestions on menu items. Thank positive reviewers and share links to their reviews. Encourage checking in.

When Google+ users search via the “Local” option, reviews that other users have submitted of restaurants come up along with your restaurant’s information. The listing also shows the latest Zagat ratings and even gives diners suggestions on similar restaurants nearby. So you definitely want to have a Google+ page to ensure you show up on your competitor’s page. It’s possible the restaurant with the best Google+ page featuring a plethora of positive reviews could win the business of a diner searching on Google Local. Make sure you are there!

Does your restaurant rely on events to attract new customers and to keep loyal customers coming in for something new? Create an event and encourage attendees to save photos to the Google+ event page. Invite people via email addresses if you are still building your Google+ community. Ready to get started? Click here to create a Google+ account for your restaurant.

Did you find this information helpful? Leave a comment below! Get other great Social Media tips in our Social Media Maitre D' Blog Series!

MojoBistro’s Social Media Maître D’: Preparing your Restaurant’s Facebook Page for Graph Search

Posted by Kate Seiferth | 3/8/2013 | Social Media

Facebook Graph SearchSo you have a Facebook page for your restaurant, now what? Once you search Facebook for all your restaurant locations and claim each page, the next step is to make sure all the information is up to date. More and more people are searching Facebook for their next dining option, and with the impending rollout of Graph Search, it is even more important for restaurants to claim local places, merge pages with places when relevant, and clean up information on Facebook.

Once you are certain that all the contact information, hours, and website links are correct on Facebook for your restaurant’s page, the next step is building your fan base. Look for all places in your restaurant that are relevant to promote your Facebook page. Think menus, table tents, posters, coasters, etc. Add a link from your website so customers know to like you on Facebook, too.

Claiming your restaurant’s Facebook page and garnering some fans is the easy part. Then, you must build a strategy for engaging with your fan base. Interacting with your fans is the key to success on Facebook.

Here are four ways to interact with your fan base on Facebook that will ultimately help optimize your restaurant’s page for the launch of Graph Search:

    1. Encourage Check-Ins: When customers check in at your restaurant on Facebook, a post goes on their wall and is broadcast to their friends. Most likely if they go to the trouble to post a check-in, they include a photo of what they ate as well. This is stellar and free promotion for your business. Encourage this type of checking in by posting reminders and offering manageable promotions for participants. A simple, “Show your server your check-in on Facebook and receive $5 off your meal,” is a great way to reward diners for their loyalty and promotion of your business. Once Graph Search rolls out user-wide, Facebook searches will customize depending on the  individual searching and relevant to their network of friends based on  “likes” and check-ins. The photos your diners take will also feature prominently in a Facebook Graph Search of your restaurant.

    2. Post Photos that Entice Fans to Share: Posting photos of your food, cocktails, and venue are par for the course on Facebook. What you really want is to post photosFacebook Graph Search so enticing that your fans will share your post and photo with their friends on their own Facebook walls. This is why it is extremely important to be strategic about the photos you post. Think out of the box and get an action shot of a chef making your most popular meal or a bartender shaking up your signature martini.

    3. Ask Questions: What’s for dinner? It could be as simple as that! Interaction is more than a one-way street. Every once in awhile you should talk to your Facebook fans and find out what is going on with them. The best way to do this is to post questions on your wall specifically for diners. Ask for feedback on the current menu, ask for suggestions on new menu items, or even just ask what people think about current food trends. The more your fans interact with you, the more likely their friends will see your posts, too.

    4. Post Relevant Information that is Not Just About You: A best practice on Facebook is to share information periodically that benefits your fans that is not just directly related to your business. Share fun food trends or local news to add value to your fans’ timelines.

And if a Facebook fan posts on your wall, do not forget to respond and thank them! Use the same etiquette with customers online that you would in your restaurant.

Did you find this information helpful? Leave a comment below! Get other great Social Media tips in our Social Media Maitre D' Blog Series!

MojoBistro’s Social Media Maître D’: Six Essential Pinterest Boards for Restaurants

Posted by Kate Seiferth | 2/22/2013 | Social Media

Pinterest Boards for RestaurantsPinterest continues to dominate the social media scene and should definitely be a part of your restaurant marketing plan for 2013. The trendy social media platform just recently raised an additional $200 million in funding, which will most likely bring even more Pinterest buzz and new functions in the coming year. 

For this session of MojoBistro’s Social Media Maître D’ blog, we recommend the six essential Pinterest Boards that every restaurant should create. If you only have an hour or so to dedicate to social media a month, definitely take some time to explore promotion options with Pinterest. Pinterest is a social media platform in which users “Pin” photos and videos to curated virtual boards, usually based on a central theme. Restaurants can use Pinterest to tell the story of their business sharing everything from pictures of menu specials to action shots of staff members.

Pinning photos and videos on Pinterest---instead of just broadcasting words with platforms like Twitter---allows for a more emotional connection with your potential diners. Plus, the built in links from “Pins” to the original content on your website increase your restaurant’s online presence. You can create a virtual atmosphere with photos of your food, staff, and more. Also, give folks a glimpse behind the scenes with a photographic tour of the kitchen or even pin a video from your YouTube page.Pinterest boards for restaurants

Here are six basic boards every restaurant should create, at a minimum, on Pinterest:

    1. Daily Specials: Add daily or weekly photos of special menu items to entice lapsed diners to stop in on a weeknight or inspire new ones to dine with you every night!

    2. Everyday Menu Items: Feature a photo board of everyday favorites from your menu.

    3. Cocktails: Have a new stunning cocktail on your menu? Share photos to get mouths watering for happy hour.

    4. Event Space: Promote special events like weddings and showers by offering people a look at your event spaces all dolled up.

    5. Chef’s Inspiration: From trips to the farmer’s market to artwork around the restaurant, share some out-of-the-box photos to really build a unique personality around your brand.

    6. Recipes: Next to fashion, recipes are one of the most popular things to pin on Pinterest. If you are willing to share some recipes from your popular menu items, chances are you will strike Pinterest gold!

Beyond Selling: Building a trustworthy and authentic community is key to successfully using Pinterest and really, all social media platforms. Pinterest allows brands a unique experience to interact with customers directly by sharing unique content as well as repinning followers content. Don’t forget to follow your fans back and interact with them on Pinterest by liking and commenting on their pins, especially if they pin your content, too.

At the very least, take five minutes to sign up for Pinterest and play around with it. It is super addictive! You will quickly see what all the hype is about.

Get other great Social Media tips in our Social Media Maitre D' Blog Series!

MojoBistro’s Social Media Maître D’: Ten Handcrafted Tweets for Busy Restaurant Owners

Posted by Kate Seiferth | 2/7/2013 | Social Media

10 Tweets for Busy Restaurant OwnersWe know as a busy restaurant manager or owner it is hard to carve out the time for social media. However, dedicating time to social media outlets can mean the difference between an okay night and a packed house.

MojoBistro wants to help you make social media easier. Occasionally, we are posting blogs dedicated to busy restaurant personnel who want to incorporate social media into their restaurant marketing plans but don’t have the extra time to develop a full blown plan. We call these blogs: MojoBistro’s Social Media Maître D’.

While we do encourage you to start a conversation with your loyal restaurant fans in social media, we also understand that your time is precious. Ideally, you would craft original messaging and foster a conversation, but when time just won’t allow for this, utilize these handcrafted tweets.

Spotlight on Twitter: Ten Handcrafted Tweets for the Busy Restaurant Owner

    1. Today’s tasty lunch special is (Insert Special Here)! Have you tried it yet? Tweet us a picture!

    2. It’s time for dinner! Tonight’s special is the delectable (Insert Special Here). When will you be here?

    3. Delivery is officially on for today. Remember, we open for delivery every day at (Enter Time).

    4. Tuesday is ½ off wine bottles! Chef (Enter Name) recommends a bottle of cabernet with tonight’s special!

    5. Have you decided on a family brunch spot for the weekend? We have a few reservations left for Sunday brunch. Filling up fast!

    6. Had a long day at work? It’s time for a cocktail! Show this tweet at our bar between 5-6 p.m. for a $5 martini! Who said Happy Hour!?

    7. Did somebody say bacon? We are open every day for breakfast. Come in for your next business meeting and enjoy bottomless coffee service!

    8. Have you checked in on FourSquare lately? Remember, Mayor gets the special table on Friday nights and a free appetizer! Impress your friends!

    9. Looking for a Saturday date night reservation? We have a few spots left. Make a reservation via our iPhone or Android mobile app today!

    10. Download our iPhone or Android mobile app today. Show the app to your server and receive a free ice cream sundae for your table to share!

These tweets were created to make your life easier. Just fill in the blanks to customize for your restaurant. Feel free to mix and match language so these tweets work best for your restaurant.

Up next on MojoBistro’s Social Media Maître D’: A focus on how to use Pinterest to market your restaurant and build a loyal fan following. Until then, check out our blog on Tips for Using Social Media to Market your Restaurant’s iPhone and Android apps.

Social Media is a Key Ingredient for Restaurant Marketing

Posted by Mike Mulhausen | 9/12/2012 | Social Media

Today's highly anticipated announcement about Apple's iPhone 5 have millions of people excited. The potential market for the new iPhone 5 includes current iPhone users looking to upgrade, other mobile device users seeking a change and brand new users who have never had a mobile device at all.

What does this mean for restaurants?  More and more of your customers are using mobile devices and restaurants need to "jump on the mobile device bandwagon" before they get left with doggy bags.

In fact, in a recent article, users of mobile devices continually use Social Media as a way to stay connected with their friends and family.  The goal for all marketers, including those handling restaurant marketing, is to break into these social circles of their customers.  Nobody wants to be "sold" things anymore, those are old antiquated marketing methods of the past.  It's now more of the reliable referrals from the people you know and trust that resonate with the mobile consumer.

For instance, which would you be more likely to believe, a good review about a restaurant you read in a newspaper article or a Facebook post or "Tweet" from one of your friends talking about their experience at a restaurant and "liking" them in their posts? They have nothing to gain from this restaurant other than wanting to share similar experiences with the people they like most - those in their social networks.

Restaurants can encourage this kind of social behavior from their customers by offering things such as loyalty programs that reward them with points, discounts, priority seating, etc.

Staying connected with your mobile customers is where it all begins. Restaurants can get started immediately by getting their mobile app developed by MojoBistro.  Once downloaded by your customers, they can then easily share their experiences about your restaurant directly with their social networks like Facebook and Twitter. 

You can also use the "push notification" feature of this mobile app that alerts your customers about your specials, events or coupon offers.

Unlimited, do-it-yourself, real-time updates to your restaurant app are also available.

So the bottom line for restaurants looking to tap into the Social Networks of their customers consists of a 3 step process:

  1. Get connected with your customers (Get a MojoBistro mobile app)
  2. Stay connected with your customers (Interact regularly through your mobile app)
  3. Reward your customers for bringing you more customers through their social networks (Use of Loyalty programs through your mobile app)

Get all of the above with a mobile app from MojoBistro.

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