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QR Codes

8 ways to use QR codes for restaurant mobile marketing

Posted by Chris Pautsch | 4/13/2012 | QR Codes

QR codes are two-dimensional barcode, very similar to scanning UPC barcodes at the supermarket. With a very small area, black modules are arranged on a white background can be decoded at a quick speed.

QR codes were  initially used in the automotive industry to track cars across factory lines. Today,  QR codes are used more in in consumer advertising and packaging due to the proliferation of smartphones. QR codes are beneficial because they are an easy and mobile access point.

These are just a sample of the numerous marketing tips we’ll provide when you create your apps with MojoBistro. QR codes can be very useful to promote your app, just follow these recommendations.

  1. Use your QR code to point to your mobile website or another mobile-enabled location. Remember, users are going to snap these codes with their smartphones!
  2. Make sure your QR code is big enough for mobile phone users to scan it where it’s located (ie. if it’s on the ceiling, will visitors be able to scan the code with their phone without standing on a chair?)
  3. Remember, your QR code is pointing to your mobile website. If you’re printing materials especially for mobile phones, like your mobile website, you shouldn’t include your QR code on said materials.
  4. QR codes are ideal in places like company brochures, recipes and other printed materials which are generally not more than 6’ away from the consumers’ eyes and mobile phones
  5. If you want people to scan your code, entice the user with a special deal or coupon
  6. Point your QR codes to videos or pictures of dishes, available within your app
  7. Have interviews with your executive chef? Feature them on your mobile app or mobile website & direct QR codes there!
  8. Have a coupon section of your mobile website? Create a QR code for it!

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