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Mojo Loves Mustaches!

Posted by Betsy Kraft | 10/24/2012 | Movember

Mojo Loves Mustaches!
In support of Men's Health, MojoBistro is sprouting mustaches, company wide! Movember is a dedicated cause that raises awareness all over the world to support men's health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

The basic idea is for men to begin the month of November clean shaven and spend the next 30 days growing and caring for a beautiful new mustache. In doing so, the whiskered men will prompt  conversation and promote awareness around, often ignored, men's health issues. MoBros (Gentlemen growing or supporting staches) and MoSistas (Ladies that join in the cause) join forces to collect donations and seek out sponsorships for their efforts.

So, in honor of our fearless fellows, we are kicking off our efforts with a list of our favorite stache styles. Go Mo!

Mojo Loves Mustaches!Chevron
A thick and wide mustache, usually worn long to cover the top border of the upper lip.

Mojo Loves Mustaches!Dali
A narrow mustache with long points bent or curved steeply upward. Named for artist Salvador Dali.

Mojo Loves Mustaches!Fu manchu
A mustache that begins on the upper lip and whose whiskers are grown very long to extend down each side of the mouth down to the to jaw. The areas just past the corners of the mouth are shaven, thus differentiating this style from the “horseshoe”.

Mojo Loves Mustaches!English
A narrow divided mustache that begins at the middle of the upper lip, with long whiskers pulled to either side of the center. The areas beyond the corners of the mouth are typically shaved.

Mojo Loves Mustaches!Handlebar
A handlebar mustache can be worn large or small (“petit handlebar”); it is characterized by the fact that it is bushy and must be worn long enough to curl the ends upward, which is usually achieved with styling wax.

Mojo Loves Mustaches!Horseshoe
A full moustache with vertical extensions grown on the corners of the lips and down the sides of the mouth to the jawline. The whiskers grown along the sides of the mouth in the horseshoe are sometimes referred to as “pipes.” Not to be confused with the “fu manchu” which is grown long from the upper lip only– the sides remain shaven in the fu manchu.

Mojo Loves Mustaches!Imperial
A large mustache growing from both the upper lip and cheeks, whiskers from the cheeks are styled pointing upward.

Mojo Loves Mustaches!Lampshade
A mustache similar to the “painter’s brush,” but with corners angled slightly, resembling the shape of a lampshade.

Mojo Loves Mustaches!Painter’s brush
A thick mustache covering the width of the mouth, usually worn short, with slightly rounded corners.

Mojo Loves Mustaches!Pencil
A thin, narrow, closely clipped mustache that outlines the upper lip. Pencil style mustaches can be trimmed in different manners (see below). Also sometimes called a “mouthbrow.&rdquo

Mojo Loves Mustaches!Pyramidal
A general name for mustaches shaped narrow on top and wide on the bottom, like a pyramid. Pyramidal mustaches can be shaped in a variety of ways, as shown below.

Mojo Loves Mustaches!Toothbrush
A thick mustache, shaved to be about an inch wide in the center.

Mojo Loves Mustaches!Walrus
A large, bushy, droopy mustache that hangs down over the lips, often entirely covering the mouth.

Join us in celebrating Movember and raising awareness for a great cause! Stay tuned for updates on our mustaches and fundraising efforts from MojoBistro!

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