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Let MojoBistro help restaurants in your group succeed

Posted by Patricia Gorecki | 9/25/2013 | MojoBistro

In today’s mobile market, it is vital that your business have a mobile app in order to stay connected. Smartphone usage in the U.S. has surpassed 133.7 million people, personalized, unique mobile apps are vital to building brand visibility, customer loyalty, promotional ability and overall interaction with customers. However, many restaurants operating as part of a restaurant group are featured within the group’s app but fail to have their own unique app. Much like having its own unique website, having a personal branded mobile app is important for the success of these restaurants.

 Restaurant Mobile AppSeparate restaurant apps enable the individual personality of each restaurant to be reflected through a unique branded experience—a feature that has proven to be important to mobile customers—while also providing the ability to target users with push notifications, coupons and personalized content based upon their interests and other identifying attributes (birthdate, locations, gender, favorite food, etc.).

Additionally, a mobile app tailored to each individual restaurant allows customers to create viral buzz for their favorite restaurants through integrated social media sharing capabilities, while also linking to the individual restaurants Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Foursquare profiles. A unique app for each restaurant also creates increased geo-location potential to be further maximized as Apple’s App Store introduces its “Apps Near Me” feature this fall, allowing consumers to discover restaurant apps based on proximity to their physical location.

Mojo Dining ClubMojoBistro supports a variety of 3rd-party reservation systems, including OpenTable, widely used reservation system. MojoBistro also supports 3rd-party and custom plug-ins, allowing the platform to be easily extended to support different needs. For example, the Restaurant Group Dining Club programs can be easily integrated, displaying the customer's point balance within each restaurants' app. In-App notifications could be instrumented to remind customers that they have earned rewards, inviting them to visit a location to redeem.

Each individually branded app has the potential to be linked to the restaurant group app through app-to-app launching—a feature recently supported by both iOS and Android. Not only does this feature promote the restaurant group itself, but also other restaurants within the group. In addition, linking apps would help to promote the restaurant group features such as the loyalty program with patrons that have an affinity with the individual brands, but are not necessarily familiar with the benefits of the group’s dining club.

Beyond generating native apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, along with mobile-optimized websites, MojoBistro is working on the ability to support iPad, Windows Surface and SmartTVs, further adding to the benefits to restaurant groups and their individual restaurants.

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MojoBistro Test Kitchen™ Features Enhanced Capabilities for Restaurant Mobile Apps

Posted by Kate Seiferth | 12/27/2012 | MojoBistro

Setting up an iPhone or Android app to promote a restaurant can be easy and affordable. In fact, building a smartphone app with MojoBistro’s Test Kitchen™ technology makes it simple and seamless. Built specifically to offer restaurants a robust app-building platform for both iPhone and Android, Test Kitchen™ now features new and improved capabilities.

Fresh features include in-app reservation services for customer convenience, the ability for users to add restaurant events to their smartphone calendars with helpful reminders, and a marketing function for restaurant owners or managers to easily create QR codes to add to their strategic promotion materials. These capabilities maximize the MojoBistro experience for both the restaurant owner and the end user.

Read more about the newly enhanced features of MojoBistro mobile apps:

  • Make Reservations: Mobile apps for restaurants exist for promotion and to encourage customer loyalty. A restaurant mobile app should entice new customers to visit and coax loyal customers to return. This makes adding reservation capabilities to a restaurant’s smartphone app a no brainer. MojoBistro makes it easy to incorporate reservation capabilities into an in-app function. The Test Kitchen™ platform connects with a restaurant’s existing OpenTable account to allow restaurant owners to offer a direct link to mobile customers wanting to make reservations from the palm of their hands while on the go.

  • Set Event Reminders: An enhanced offering of a MojoBistro custom restaurant app allows users to add events straight from the mobile apps to their personal smartphone calendars. This ensures that the customer will receive a reminder about the event on their iPhone or Android phone. For instance, Suzy sees a wine tasting next month advertised in Carlucci’s iPhone app and she is dying to attend. With the press of the screen, the wine tasting is immediately added to Suzy’s Calendar.

  • Create QR Codes: Once the custom MojoBistro mobile app is complete, it is time to promote the restaurant app to customers. Another savvy function of the Test Kitchen™ allows restaurant managers to generate QR codes to incorporate into marketing materials such as posters, table tents, and more. QR codes allow customers to scan marketing materials with their smartphones in order to immediately view and download the restaurant app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

MojoBistro Test Kitchen™ is a do-it-yourself mobile app development platform designed exclusively for the restaurant industry. The development platform is entirely web-based and can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet. Test Kitchen™ is an intuitive, easy to use web-based application. Integrated content wizards navigate users through a series of steps to successfully launch a restaurant mobile app. The MojoBistro mobile preview app even allows users to view newly created apps as a native app prior to publishing.

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MojoBistro launches at NRA Show 2012

Posted by Chris Pautsch | 5/6/2012 | MojoBistro

Have you considered an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone 7 app or mobile website for your restaurant? Starting June 2012, KeyLimeTie will equip the restaurant industry with a platform to quickly create custom apps.

Today, in April 2012, there’s more reason than ever for restaurants (and retail industries for that matter) to participate in the mobile space.

Specifically designed with restaurants in mind, our unique set of features showcases the menu, increases reservations, offers an ordering solutions, connects users with your location wherever they are, and interacts with your and their already existing social networks such as Yelp, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

Launching on May 5, 2012 at the National Restaurant Association, KeyLimeTie is proud and very excited to announce this industry-changing product that’s already getting national attention even before its launch.

What is it called, you ask? It’s name is MojoBistro; the newest and best tool for restaurants to create their own mobile presence in under an hour.

Throughout the coming months, we’ll highlight upgrades to MojoBistro and other happy news that you will definitely want to pay attention to. Of course, you can expect that at KeyLimeTie, we’re making waves in designing, developing and delivering high-quality interactive solutions.

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