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Top Apps for a Better You in 2014

Posted by Patricia Gorecki | 12/18/2013 | Mobile Apps

2014 is quickly approaching and with it comes a new set of resolutions for a better, brighter year. To make it a bit easier to stick to this year’s resolutions, here are some apps that will help you develop better habits, stay sharp, keep up to date and be more effective in your activities.

    Lift1. Lift: This year, focus on developing good habits. It can be easy to get started but often, after a few days, we lose track or start making excusing. With Lift, you can track your habit-forming activities as an added motivator to keep you going. Once you have downloaded the app, you can write your own habits, draw on suggested habits from the community or even join a group of people who are working toward the same goal. Once you have decided on a habit, start tracking. The app will plot your check-ins on a calendar and highlight when it becomes a regular occurrence. Free for Android and iOS.

    Cozi2. Cozi: Having trouble keeping track of your family’s busy schedule? The Cozi app makes it easy to coordinate your schedules and manage errands. Set a reminder to your calendar or add an item to a shopping list and Cozi will share it to your family’s device so they are updated on what’s going on and who is responsible for what. Free for Android and iOS.

    Manilla3. Manilla: Stick to your budget this year with Manilla, a website and app that stores your bills in one place, sends you reminders when they are due and files them for you. Now it is easy to see exactly how much cash you have left and stick to your planned budget. Free for Android and iOS.

    Push.co4. Never miss out on the news you are interested in ever again! With the app, you can enable real time notifications for your favorite blogs and news sites. You choose the headlines you want to read and get the news in real time. It is a simply way to stay on top of the days latest headlines. $1.99 for iOS.

    Everest5. Everest: Does the thought of tackling your resolutions overwhelm you? Not sure where to start? Check out the Everest app. Everest encourages you to take your goal and break it down into more manageable, bite-sized bits. Not sure what to focus on for the coming year? Everest has a Challenges tab that allows you to accept someone else’s dare with options ranging from “cutting out sweets for a week” to “running a half marathon.” Keep yourself accountable by connecting with your friends and the Everest community. Free for iOS.

Start off the new year with these mobile apps on your phone and sticking to your resolutions will be a piece of cake! Make sure to check out the MojoBistro Blog for more insights into the world of mobile.

Mobile Apps v. Mobile Websites

Posted by MojoBistro News | 12/16/2013 | Mobile Apps

Mobile App v. WebRay Pun, Strategic Marketing Manager at Adobe, recently sat down with Small Business Trends to discuss his insights into Adobe's recently released Digital Index 2013 online shopping data for Cyber Monday. The statistics, collected by Adobe, back up claims that we are now living in a mobile age, with a record 18.3 percent of sales originating from mobile devices, an increase of 80 percent over last year. When comparing mobile experiences, Adobe found that the average time spent in a mobile app versus on a mobile website ranged from two and a half times longer to four times longer depending on the mobile device used.

For more from Ray Pun, make sure to check out Brent Leary's interview for Small Business Trends.

For more insight into the world of mobile, make sure to check out the MojoBistro Blog!

Top 5 Thanksgiving Mobile Apps

Posted by Patricia Gorecki | 11/12/2013 | Mobile Apps

November is here which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Whether you are preparing to cook a traditional Thanksgiving feast for the entire extended family, looking for some new dishes to add to the menu or planning a trip back home, we have got you covered with the Top 5 Apps to make this Thanksgiving perfect.

    FlightView1. FlightView Free Flight Tracker: Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times of the year. Combine that with unpredictable November weather and your holiday flight can be full of delays and frustration. With the FlightView Free Flight Tracker, you can track flights, view weather maps and receive real-time alerts about flight delays. Whether you are picking up relatives or getting ready for your own flight, you will be "in the know." Free for iOS and Android.

    Thanksgiving Menu  Maker2. Thanksgiving Menu Maker from Fine Cooking: Looking to change things up this year? Tired of the old Thanksgiving standbys? With the Thanksgiving Menu Maker, switching things up is simple. Recipes are broken down into categories for easy searching. Add the dishes you want to make to the planner section and a shopping list will automatically be created. This section also schedules out the necessary prep time for your entire meal. Free for iOS.

    Epicurious Recipes3. Epicurious Recipes: Ready to plan the perfect gourmet Thanksgiving? Check out the Epicurious Recipes app, dedicated to creating the ultimate foodie menu. Recipes from Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazine are sure to delight your guests. More than 30,000 recipes range from Clementine-Salted Turkey with Redeye Gravy to Pumpkin Stuffed with Vegetable Stew. Free for iOS and Android.

    KitchenPad4. KitchenPad Timer: Nervous about your first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner? Overwhelmed by managing the ten things you need to cook simultaneously? With KitchenPad Timer, you can track up to five stove top items and four oven items at once. Label each time clock, give it its own alarm signal and even designate the temperature you are using. Now you don’t have to worry about over cooking the turkey! $1.99 for iOS.

    ScoreCenter5. ESPN ScoreCenter: Once the meal is over, it is time to sit down for the National Football League’s Thanksgiving Classic. Keep up on all the games with the ESPN ScoreCenter App. You can set up a personalized scoreboard and view live game details. Now you can track your favorite team's score from the palm of your hand! When football season ends, this app keeps going, tracking basketball, baseball, hockey and more. Free for iOS and Android.

With these apps, it is easy to sit back, relax and enjoy the season! Know of any other great Thanksgiving apps that you can’t live without? Let us know!

Top 5 Apps to Celebrate Fall

Posted by Patricia Gorecki | 10/9/2013 | Mobile Apps


Fall is finally here! With it comes pumpkin picking, apple bobbing, haunted houses, late-night hay rides and much, much more. To help you celebrate the coming of the Autumn season, we have put together the top five apps you are sure to love. From game day to sightseeing, we’ve got the perfect app for you. Check them out:

    LeafPeepr1. Leaf Peepr: Can’t wait until the leaves start to change colors. With Leaf Peepr, track the changing colors nationwide with the help of fellow trackers. Users upload photos of the changing colors, map the location and use the Peak Slider to rate their foliage as green, turning, moderate, peak, fading or gone. Sharing options make it easy to post your favorite pictures to Twitter and Facebook. Free for iOS and Android.

    Corn Mazes2. Corn Mazes: Love the idea of participating in a corn maze but afraid of getting lost? Try your hand at completing a 3D style virtual corn maze. The goal of the game is to find the pumpkin in each maze, which will then unlock the next maze. There are 20 maze puzzles in total to keep you busy. No worries about getting lost here ... there is a trail of popcorn left wherever you go so you can avoid turning down the same path twice. $0.99 for Android.

    TailgateChamp3. TailgateChamp: Do you love watching your favorite team? Love the competition that comes hand and hand with Football season? You need the TailgateChamp app! Recruit your fellow friends and tailgaters to compete for the title of best tailgate! Players register their tailgates, complete fun challenges and earn points. It's time to break out that award-winning wings recipe! Free for iOS.

    GetCrocked4. GetCrocked: Time to bring your crockpot out of storage. With GetCrocked, you can easily search from more than 1,000 great recipes and cooking tips, create new recipes, track your favorites and share with a community full of people who love making delicious slow cooker dishes. Once you’ve finished creating your amazing meal, share your pictures on the community photo wall. $0.99 for iOS.

    Pumpkin Carving5. Pumpkin Carving Ideas: Need some inspiration for this year’s pumpkin carving? Scroll through the gallery for patterns and templates to get you started. Choose from a wide variety of styles, from cool and funny to scary and intricate designs. You can even share your selected image and set it as your wallpaper! Free for Android.

Whatever your favorite fall activity, we have got you covered! Have an app you would love to see featured? Want recommendations on apps for a certain topic or theme? Let us know!

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Foodies

Posted by Patricia Gorecki | 8/27/2013 | Mobile Apps

The term foodie has gone mainstream. No longer the realm of diners frequenting only the most decadent of restaurants, today’s foodies have taken over. Always looking for a thrifty, but tasty choice, today’s foodies are on-the-go and always connected. With a wealth of food and dining apps available, foodies have plenty of options for tracking down delicious dining.

Whether you’re a serious foodie or just looking to get your feet wet, there’s an app for you. Lest the choices get too overwhelming, we’ve uncovered the top 5 apps that self-proclaimed foodies are sure to love:

  1. SavoredSavored Created by the geniuses behind Groupon, Savored is great for those looking to save money on their next meal without compromising taste. The app allows you to find new restaurants, make free reservations and earn discounts for doing so. Set your party number, date and time and you get to choose from a variety of restaurant options and discounts. Not sure which to choose? The app also allows you to view the restaurants’ menus and reviews. Free for iOS and Android.

  2. FoodSpotting
  3. Foodspotting Presentation is an important part of the dining experience. With Foodspotting, foodies can search restaurants nearby, view ratings and browse through photos of actual dishes from that location. Visual recommendations from friends and fellow app users are a great way to find the best place to eat. Just browsing? You can bookmark dishes and restaurants to try later. Free for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

  4. NessNess Pandora meets Yelp in this awesome foodie app. Create a taste profile by rating your favorite restaurants and Ness will give you personalized suggestions for your next dining experience. “Likeness scores” predict how likely you are to enjoy a restaurant and allow you to choose from a list of personalized recommendations. You can also check out reviews from Facebook and Foursquare friends. Free for iOS.

  5. Chefs Table
  6. Chefs Table Now you can get insider secrets and dining tips straight from the pros. With Chefs Feed, more than 750 chefs, including Mario Batali, Graham Elliot and Stephanie Izard, share their recommendations on where to eat and why. The app allows you to search by proximity, neighborhood, type of cuisine and more. Free for iOS.

  7. LocalEats Eat like a local. With LocalEats, it's easy to find the perfect local eatery. A strict “no chain restaurant” policy ensure that you will be presented with one-of-a-kind dining choices. Each restaurant features photos and user reviews to help you with your decision. And make sure to take a peek at the “Top 100” list to see which restaurants LocalEats' editors consider the best in town. $0.99 for Android, iOS and Blackberry.

Food lovers and culinary aficionados alike are guaranteed to love these Top 5 Mobile Apps for Foodies. Know of any other great Foodie apps? Let us know!

Five Must-Have Mobile Apps for the Spring Season

Posted by Kate Seiferth | 3/22/2013 | Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for springThe sun is shining longer each day, and the weather is gradually warming up here in the Midwest. That means it’s time for spring break for school folks, March Madness for basketball fans, and for many families, their traditional Easter holiday celebration. Whether you celebrate the coming of spring with days filled with basketball games, with a luxurious trip to a faraway land, or with a traditional family brunch, here are some fabulous mobile apps to welcome back warm weather and sunlight into your life!

    Mobile Apps for Spring1. Happy Easter, Little Critter: If you have little ones in your life, the Happy Easter, Little Critter mobile app for both iPhone and Android is a great way to kick off the Easter holiday. You can even record your own voice reading the story and let your child peruse the book mobile app on their own. How cool is that? There is also an in-app Easter egg hunt in which kids can find 100 eggs while reading this cute little holiday-themed story.

    Mobile Apps for Spring2. Egg Dyeing 101 from Martha Stewart Living: Looking to take your egg decorating up a notch this Easter? Check out the Egg Dyeing 101 mobile app from Martha Stewart Living for some great do-it-yourself decorating tips and videos for creating unique Easter eggs. This savvy Easter app will help you create whimsical egg creatures that are sure to impress guests of every age at your family brunch. With the help of this app you can even put your family monogram on your Easter eggs. How charming!

    Mobile Apps for Spring3. MacaronsHD: Many people who celebrate Easter give up something during Lent, and many of these people give up sweets. What better way to celebrate a successful Lenten season than with a Macaron buffet on Easter? Skip the usual culprits like Cadbury eggs and jelly beans, and create a sophisticated sweet selection for your Easter buffet with the MacaronsHD mobile app. This tasty app is filled with delicious recipes and how-to recipe videos for macarons that are sure to delight a guest with even the most discerning palate.

    Moblie Apps for Spring4. GifBoom: Have some fun sprucing up your family photos this spring! Make animated gif files super easily with the free GifBoom mobile app available in both the iTunes Store and Google Play. Basically, you use the snazzy photography app to take a series of pictures and then add some cool effects to create your unique animated gif file that you can share with your family and friends within your social media networks. A custom gif of your crazy uncle reluctantly dressed up like the Easter bunny is sure to get some retweets in your Twitter feed.

    Mobile Apps for Spring5. NCAA March Madness Live: Okay, we can’t forget that it is also March Madness time! Keep track of your bracket and your favorite men’s college basketball teams no matter where you are with the free NCAA March Madness Live mobile app. Not only can you use the app to watch the games but you can also keep track of your bracket picks, check out what is going on in the “Social Arena,” set game alerts, and much more.

So those are just five of our office picks for some must-download mobile apps for the spring season. Tell us in the comments below what mobile apps you can’t live without lately!

Tips for Building Your Restaurant’s Mobile App

Posted by Patricia Gorecki | 1/17/2013 | Mobile Apps

Tips for Building Your Restaurant's Mobile AppSo you’ve decided to join the social marketing wave and create an app for your restaurant. What’s next? Between running a restaurant and catering to customers, it can be hard to find the time to develop and implement a mobile app. We’re here to make it easier. Just follow these tips for building an amazing restaurant app and you will be on the right track.

  • If you want customers to use and enjoy your mobile app,“stickiness,” or customer engagement is key. Push notifications are a great way to connect with customers when used properly. Letting customers know about gift certificate specials, seasonal deals or new menu items are perfect for driving traffic. Use an “Events to Calendar” feature to promote restaurant happenings and keep customers in the loop on new and recurring events. While you’re at it, make sure to offer reservation services within your app. Making it easy for guests to reserve a table is a simple but easy way to keep them engaged.

  • Make sure you upload a hi-res logo for your app. You want people to recognize your restaurant and stand out among other apps. A crisp design and high resolution will ensure that your logo appears clearly throughout the app. You don’t want anything to appear blurry or fuzzy.

  • Does your restaurant give off a vintage diner vibe or transport you to the tropics? Bring your unique atmosphere into your app design. Your customers love your restaurant, from the food to the feel. Carrying that environment into your app will keep things familiar and showcase your style.

  • No one wants to struggle through a complicated app, so make sure your mobile app is user-friendly.  It is important that guests can find exactly what they are looking for without too much hassle. Structured, logical tabs and well-organized content make it easy for customers to navigate from page to page.

  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not incorporate photos into your app. Had an event recently, make sure to put some photos up in a gallery. Show off the the amazing things you are serving by uploading photos of menu items, new additions and seasonal favorites throughout your app. Plus, a sampling of menu favorites is sure to make stomachs rumble and mouths water.

  • Don’t let your app get lost in the shuffle. Make sure to implement marketing tools to inform customers of your new mobile presence. From table cards to menu inserts, marketing tools can go a long way in driving traffic to your app. Not sure what marketing tool to try, check out our blog on marketing tips for ideas.

  • Keep it simple. Your restaurant is popular for its delicious menu. Don’t overshadow it with over-the-top bells and whistles. Your app should compliment your restaurant and its offerings, not overwhelm them. A clean, simple app is easy to use and showcases the best you have to offer.

Building a mobile app for your restaurant doesn’t have to be a chore. Just keep these simple tips in mind and you are sure to hit the ground running. Need some more help or have any questions? Contact Mojobistro for assistance.

Top Five Mobile Fitness Apps for 2013

Posted by Patricia Gorecki | 1/9/2013 | Mobile Apps

Top Five Mobile Fitness Apps for 2013The holidays are over and the new year has just begun. After weeks of cookies, candies and potlucks, many people are marking the arrival of 2013 with plans to get healthier and lose weight. In today’s digital world, losing weight can be made easier with the help of your smartphone and its health and fitness apps. Ready to get started? Here are the top five mobile fitness apps for a happier and healthier you.

Top Five Mobile Fitness Apps1. Lose It!, by FitNow, Inc.
Losing weight can be a daunting challenge. Lose It! helps simplify the process by combining your workout journal and food diary into one, easy-to-use tracker. Track meals with an extensive library of name brands and generic food categories. A separate page shows statistics on calories, carbs, fiber, sodium, fat and protein intake.  Add in your exercise for the day and the app will calculate the number of calories you ate, how many you burned and how much more you can eat.

Top Five Mobile Fitness Apps2. Run Keeper, by FitnessKeeper, Inc.
Consistently ranked the top mobile  running app, Run Keeper uses GPS to accurately incorporate elevation, distance and time into tracking your run. Audio cues can be set for speed, pace and distance and progress reports provide detailed statistics of your pace, distance covered, time taken and calories burned per day. Trying out a new route? Run Keeper provides a map of the area and your route in case you get lost!

Top Five Mobile Fitness Apps3. Nike Training Club
Spice up your workout with the Nike Training Club app. Utilizing the concept of circuit training to jump start your workout, the app creates a custom combination of quick, targeted exercises for a time-saving, full-body routine. Choose from three different levels—beginner, intermediate, and expert—for an individualized experience. New to circuit training? Don’t worry. All exercises in the Nike Training Club include videos with tips and directions for perfect form.

Top Five Mobile Fitness Apps4. JETFIT
The perfect app for training enthusiasts, JEFIT helps track your workout stats including reps, sets and weights. Pre-designed routines and over 500 exercises allow you to easily customize your regimen. All exercises include animations and procedure tips to ensure correct form and are searchable by specific muscle targeted or even equipment type, making it easy to create the perfect fitness plan to reach your goals.

Top Five Mobile Fitness Apps5. Zombies, Run! by Six to Start
Turn your workout into a survival challenge with the Zombies, Run! app. Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse will require strength, speed and agility,  and this app is sure to prepare you. The app combines music and professional voice-overs to get you motivated to run faster every time a zombie gets too close or to pick up supplies necessary for your survival. Fail to run fast enough and the game is over. With your workout turned into a game, it’s easy to get so involved in the game that you forget you are on a treadmill!

Regardless of your fitness level, these mobile apps will make sticking to your new years’ resolution easy and fun. Good luck and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!

Top 3 Must-Have Black Friday Mobile Applications

Posted by Betsy Kraft | 11/21/2012 | Mobile Apps

Mobile applications have become the go-to destinations to make sure all of the special
people in your life have that perfect gift for the perfect price. We have researched some
of the awesome shopping helper apps available on the market and have come up with the
Top 3 Must-Have Black Friday Mobile Applications for 2012.
(And guess what?! They are all FREE!)

Must-Have Black Friday Mobile Applications1.) TheFind
Price: Free
Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

TheFind mobile application is the perfect little helper this holiday season. It allows you to scan barcodes of products, bringing up a list of prices and places where you can buy the item. You are also able to search keywords for desired gifts to see what stores are carrying them to compare prices.

The searches will not only pull up the local stores, but also the online shopping options as well. You can select the items for the product description, reviews, and even to purchase through your mobile device.

The app also syncs up with the website, allowing you to shop from your laptop or tablet at home. You can create shopping lists and choose which stores are worth your time, organizing your shopping experience.

Why we love it: TheFind takes convenience to a whole new level. You are able to shop with confidence, knowing that you are getting the best deal on the market. It is the must-have app for comparison-shopping.

Must-Have Black Friday Mobile Applications2.) Coupon Sherpa
Price: Free
Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, Android

Coupon Sherpa is a great way to make sure you are getting the best deal during the holiday shopping season. The app allows you to search for coupons to use while standing in the checkout line, shopping online, or to plan your shopping day around the best deals.

Coupon Sherpa not only searches for all of the coupons that are available in print and online, but they also build loyalty with major retailers and offer exclusive deals just through their app and website.

You are able to search the app by product or by store. There are coupons for all of the major retailers, including grocery stores. You don’t even have to print the coupons out, just show them to the clerk straight from your mobile app.

Why we love it: Coupon Sherpa is the perfect app to make absolutely sure you are getting the best deal available. If there is a coupon out there, you will find it on Coupon Sherpa!

Must-Have Black Friday Mobile Applications3.) ShopKick
Price: Free
Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch

ShopKick is an app that rewards you while you shop. With ShopKick, you earn points or “Kicks” by walking into stores, scanning product barcodes, or by making purchases.

As you earn “kicks,” they accumulate and can be redeemed for gift cards, iTunes downloads, or movie tickets, along with many other options including donating them to charity. You get rewarded for doing what you would normally do during the holiday season or any other time of year.

Now is the perfect time to make sure you are taking advantage of ShopKick, as you will probably be doing more shopping in the next few weeks then you will for the rest of the year. Rack up the points and treat yourself after all your shopping is done!

Why we love it: ShopKick rewards you for doing what you would already be doing during this time of year. You might as well get rewarded for all of you hard work and enjoy the holidays that much more!

As you get geared up for Black Friday and the shopping season, make sure you have our
Top 3 Must-Have Black Friday Mobile Applications, to ensure your holiday shopping will be easier and much more enjoyable. Good Luck and Happy Black Friday!