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Holiday Season

Mobile app usage up 68% during Thanksgiving

Posted by MojoBistro News | 12/9/2013 | Holiday Season

Mobile AppsThis Thanksgiving was a record breaker for mobile app usage with an upswing in use of 68% over last year. In addition to dining on delicious turkey, catching up with the family and cheering on their favorite football team, mobile device users logged 1.3 billion app sessions over the Thanksgiving weekend. This increase highlights a growing usage trend as mobile and mobile apps continue to gain in popularity.  It is clear that today's individuals are more likely to be found burying their noses in their phones and tablets during family celebrations than before. Get all the details on this Thanksgiving's mobile app numbers with this article from the AppleInsider Staff.

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Restaurant Marketing Tips for the Holidays

Posted by Patricia Gorecki | 12/4/2013 | Holiday Season

Christmas Restaurant Decorations

Tis the season for celebration. As the holiday season moves through December and into January, the desire for dining out and entertaining increases as customers are looking to celebrate out and about with their family and friends. With this potential influx of customers, it is important that you make sure your restaurant is on their list of hot spots.

At MojoBistro, we have put together our top marketing tips to help you attract customers during the holiday season.

    1. Deck the walls. Showcase your holiday spirit with seasonal decor. Incorporating seasonal touches and holiday decorations adds a fresh quality to the dining experience and is a great way to set the festive mood for your customers and staff.

    2. Send holiday greetings. Share your wishes for the holiday season with a special holiday card. Focus on greeting and thanking your customers rather than sharing your other promotional messages. This is the perfect way to make customers feel special and entice them to keep you in mind when planning their holiday celebrations.

    3. Host a holiday party. Whether it is a Christmas-themed happy hour or a New Year’s Eve countdown, the holidays are the perfect time to celebrate. Focus on offering seasonal favorites and unique entertainment. Advertise with flyers, direct marketing and social media.

    4. Run a special promotion. Add value to your current menu offerings with extra services or items. Maybe it is a free slice of peppermint pie with an order over a certain dollar amount or discounted sales of a creative seasonal menu item. A unique holiday promotion is a great way to drive customers through your doors.

    5. Help your community. Give back to your local community with a holiday fundraiser. From a food drive to donating a percentage of sales to a local charity, your good deed is sure to create some buzz and drum up warm feelings. Spread the news of your fundraiser by reaching out to the local media and posting on social media.

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Holiday desserts offer twists on the classics

Posted by MojoBistro News | 12/2/2013 | Holiday Season

Holiday DessertThe holiday season is here—time for traditions, nostalgia and memorable moments. This season, use your menu to tug on your customers' heartstrings. A twist on customers' favorite traditional desserts is a great way to spice up your holiday offerings. From Yule logs and pumpkin cakes to eggnog cheesecake and sugar cookie milkshakes, these holiday desserts are sure to win rave reviews with your fans. Read more about this year's holiday dessert trends in an article by Bret Thorn.

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Five Important Restaurant Trends to Remember for the Holidays

Posted by Patricia Gorecki | 12/11/2012 | Holiday Season

Five Important Restaurant Trends to Remember for the HolidaysThe holidays are here and with them come a whirlwind of shopping, traveling and celebrations. For millions of Americans, restaurants will play a key role in their holiday planning and festivities, whether as a break from a hectic day of shopping or an alternative to the cooking and cleanup of large family meals. To make your restaurant stand out from the crowd this season, keep in mind these important restaurant trends that are sure to drive traffic.

1. The holidays are a time to bring families together, and with family members traveling far and wide to gather together for the season it is important that dining experiences are satisfying for everyone. For large group dining, all-inclusive menus and services are a must. Make sure your menu features a wide-selection of options from gluten-free to vegan meals to ensure all diners find something they enjoy. Kitchen flexibility with dietary restrictions is also important so make sure your staff is prepared to make  substitutions and omissions on standard menu items.

2. Healthy dining is making waves in the restaurant world and the holidays are no exception. In the midst of all the cookies, candies and potlucks, consumers are looking for better-for-you options when dining out. From dishes featuring healthy ingredients including brown rice, high-fiber grains and vitamin-rich vegetable broths to published nutritional information, health-conscious fares and transparency are a sure way to draw a crowd looking to enjoy some guilt-free indulgence.

3. This season, make sure to spice up your yearly menu with some holiday items.  From Starbucks’ red holiday cups to McDonald’s Egg Nog Shake, holiday menu items and promotions have proven to be a huge draw and are the perfect way to get consumers in the spirit and into your restaurant. Have some fun and create your own traditions, from specialty drinks to whimsical desserts. These items are sure to delight customers and keep them coming back year after year.

4. Convenience is key during the holidays. As busy schedules overfill with social gatherings and festivities, consumers are looking for a way to step back, relax and spend quality time with family and friends. Takeout items, ranging from meal supplements to full feasts offer the convenience and accessibility of restaurant meals with the closeness of traditional family dining.

5. And don’t forget to take advantage of mobile apps for your restaurant. From holiday event promotion and deal notifications to reservation services and coupon offers, mobile apps are the perfect way to market your restaurant during the holidays and year-round.

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This season, make sure to keep with the latest trends and you’ll be sure to attract both new and old customers to your restaurant for the holidays.