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2012 Presidential Election

Top 5 Ways that Technology has Influenced the Presidential Election

Posted by Betsy Kraft | 10/23/2012 | 2012 Presidential Election

Top 5 Ways that Technology has Influenced the Presidential ElectionIf you are following the 2012 Presidential Election, even just a little, it is pretty difficult to not notice how much technology has influenced this year’s campaign efforts. Technology has played a major role in campaigns for ages. Whether it was radio, television, or the Internet, evolving with technology trends has always been a
vital part of any presidential campaign.

So, without further ado, here is our
Top 5 Ways that Technology has
Influenced the Presidential Election.

YouTube. In this year’s campaign, US voters can watch the presidential debates live from any computer, iPhone, iPad, Android, or any other mobile device. Whether you are traveling, in a meeting, or just not able to get to your television, you can still have live access to the presidential debates through YouTube.

Facebook. Though Facebook was around for the 2008 presidential election and played a major factor, it has become more of a mainstream tool than in the past. Candidates in 2012 are reaching out to all demographics, when before the focus was more on the younger generations. Facebook users are able to share video clips and post their opinions about the candidates, while also, the campaigns stay connected with their audience through their own pages.

Twitter. In the past couple years, Twitter has saturated the social media market. Users can follow twitter feeds and get a live stream of national narrative to debates, as well as other highlights throughout the election.  Campaigns are finding Twitter to be a great way to communicate with their followers about their agendas and viewpoints, along with a way to raise funds and encourage voter registration.

Mobile Apps. Mobile apps are also extremely popular this election season and have allowed followers more leverage in supporting their candidate. Campaigns have used mobile apps to announce running mates, assist in registering to vote, raise funds and generally involve voters in their campaign efforts. President Obama’s campaign has also released Dashboard, what the media is calling “The Holy Grail” of political organizing, on their mobile app to help their volunteers and staff to be efficient when targeting their efforts. On Election Day, mobile apps will also be able to be used to report problems and update voters on polling sites.

Behavioral Retargeting. Strategic campaign teams have also utilized behavioral retargeting with each of the candidate’s websites. Retargeting is a powerful way for campaigns to continue to get their message out to the people who have visited their websites. The information gathered will then be used for online advertising to repeat their campaign messages to visitors after they have left the candidates’ sites. Strategists are able to measure the information collected to better focus their campaign efforts.

There are many ways that technology has influenced the presidential election this year. However, the ways listed in our top 5 have been pivotal in the 2012 campaigns and in shaping our future.