A product of our love for food and technology.

Our Story

Throughout the years, at KeyLimeTie, we have found creating and editing apps was time consuming and labor intensive. This meant the high cost of producing and keeping up costs prohibited many from engaging with their mobile audiences.

Our answer? A platform that enables restaurants to create and update their own mobile presence with an intuitive and simple interface. Officially launching at the National Restaurant Association Show on May 5, 2012 in Chicago, we offer restaurant-specific features like reservations, menu galleries and social integration.

We understand effective mobile presences require more than apps. At MojoBistro, we are successful when you are, so we’ve done all the heavy lifting to find the best ways to connect your app with a wide, interested audience. We will provide industry-wide best practices to ensure your app continues to bring in enthusiastic, loyal customers through tools like Twitter and Facebook outreach.

Throughout 2014, we will continue to add features to enhance the mobile apps created using our platform. Please stay tuned via Facebook and Twitter to get the latest info!